At GNC House Cleaning, The quality of our cleaning outmatches out competitors with over 14 years of experience. Don’t take out work for it check out out testimonials. our products are guaranteed to not only satisfy, but also delight. We are determined in the pursuit to be attentive to every detail. We always test our products to insure customer satisfaction.

We believe that quality products and great customer support are the only options! 



My name is Favy Villalobos I am the founder and Owner of GNC House Cleaning. My Business has over 14 years experience and I love what I do. My husband Jesus also works with me. We have lived in Flagstaff Arizona with our 2 boys for over 20 years. We believe that only the most motivated people will create the best service and drive a company to success. That is why My Husband & I will Personally clean your house and get to know the client and there needs. Additionally, we feel that to really provide the best to our customers, we have to share THE SAME PASSION as our customers. We wanted it to be possible for people like us to be able to find the best way to pursue their passions. We work together as one team of people with expertise and determination to achieve our goals. 



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